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Try these new web stats features

April 22nd, 2008

The team here at GoStats has been busy putting together a ton of new features – we encourage you to try them out and give us your feedback:
-New chart controls (It’s likely that you’ve already noticed these)
-Some quick summary and random features in your summary report.
-Much improved graphs and charts.
-Clicks report = you must update your counter code to enable tracking for this feature.
-Enhancement to the Visitors Map feature as well as a new regions report
-A stunningly powerful new “Last Guests” engine.
-A special control overlay for Pro Accounts (use CTRL+X to activate) = you must update your HTML code.
-Awesome new web counter faces and an improved interface for customization
-Overall improved accuracy, usability and speed.

Keep your eyes open for some further enhancements coming very soon.

-The GoStats team

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