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New features and tools on GoStats.com

February 20th, 2007

Some new and exciting features have been introduced to GoStats.com!

Want to view your stat changes over time?
You can now view stats in a variety of ways including:
– Last time you viewed your stats
– Previous Day’s Stats
– Stats from the beginning of the Week, Month or Year
– Stats from a specified date

The delta represents the change from the time A to time B. So if you had 30 hits on your site yesterday and 75 hits on your site today, then your delta is up 45 hits or 60%!

To view this new feature, login to your GoStats.com account and check it out under site stats!

Do you prefer graphical data or charts?
Stats can now be viewed in either Linear Graph form or Text (Bar Chart) form.
On each graph/chart stats for hits, sessions, visitors and hosts can be viewed together or separately

Check this feature out here for the GoStats.com site.

Where your visitors are from – more than a map
Another cool new feature is the Visitors on Map option, located under “Visitors”. This option allows a visual representation of where on Earth people who visit your site are from. It’s not perfect yet, but its a great way to see how your site reaches people around the world!
To see where the people who visit GoStats.com are from visit here.

These are just some of the new features that make GoStats.com the best web stat counter out there!

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