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Log file Analyzers – don’t waste your resources

April 22nd, 2008

In an ever increasing on-demand world, having a site load very quickly is important.  People, customers, employees, yourself, and even today’s search engines put a lot of importance into a quick loading page.

Take a look for a moment at your existing web stats tracking technologies.  Some of you may be using a web log analyzer, some may be using a full featured tracker like GoStats, perhaps you’re using both?  In any case, pay careful attention to your web log analyzer setup and be sure that you aren’t wasting resources:
-don’t have your web log analyzer processing during peak hours of your site
-be careful that your web log system does not process too much or undeeded data.  These analyzers are good for hunting bots and catching errors, but not everything. If you have a web stats tracker like GoStats already installed, then you can reduce much of the work done on your server.
-update your software often – keep your logs rotated – patch any security holes quickly.  If you have a web analyzer installed, budget some time to maintaining that installation.  As you are using GoStats, we take care of that for you.

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