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How to Install a GoStats Hit Counter using WordPress Plugins

November 3rd, 2006

This is for all of you who are hosting your own WordPress blog. If you have a WordPress blog hosted on WordPress.com please refer to this post.

1. Visit GoStats.com and click on “Sign Up” located on the left side of the page below user name and password
2. Fill in all the fields and click “sign up”
3. When you sign up, you will be able to add your site(s)
4. Click on “Add new site” and fill out the fields
5. You can add as many sites as you want
6. Returning to your blog, download the following plugin file

Download the GoStats for WordPress plugin here

7. Extract the zipped file to your plugins directory
8. Load your plugins page from the WordPress admin section and click “Activate” to enable the GoStats plugin
9. Click on the Options tab, then click on “GoStats”
9 – b. If you are running a more recent version of WordPress, click on the Settings tab instead, then click on “GoStats”
10. Enter your GoStats site id number*
11. Enter your GoStats server id**, then click on Update.

You’re now done, sit back and enjoy your GoStats counter!
This plugin will be updated in the future, so please bookmark this page or subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog to get updates

*Your site id can be found in your site summary URL at GoStats. Just look for “?id=”. The number following is your site id.
Example: http://monster.gostats.com/summary.xml?id=3561 –> site id is 3561
**Your server id for GoStats can be found in your site summary URL.  Look for the “http://”.  the small word before the “.” is the server id.  Possible ranges are: monster, c3 and c4.
Note: If you choose to receive weekly emails from GoStats about your hits, please add support@gostats.com to your safe email addresses to prevent it from ending up in your Spam folder

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