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Are you tracking every page?

April 23rd, 2008

Don’t take for granted that your stats are installed and configured properly.  Make sure that your code is installed once on all pages.  Common errors include:
-installing only on the homepage
-copying partially broken or fully broken code to less used pages
-referencing the code to your PC (so it will only work for you) - double check by asking a friend of yours to try loading some specific pages - see if they show up in your stats.
-other miscelaneous HTML errors which may break the rest of your site – check if you site is w3c valid.
-made updates to your site and you may have lost your code

Aside from the obvious tracking errors, there are some other considerations you should pay very close attention to:
-Is your site interactive in some way so that viewers will navigate yoru site without creating pageloads?  You may want to add “n action” javascript events to load your tracker for each instance.
-Are you using the simple or standard HTML code?  If your editing environment can support the standard code, you should use it!  It is far superior to the simple HTML version of the code.
-Are you lumping multiple sites together in the same site profile?  You may find that creating seperate site profiles will give you a much clearer picture on the nature of each site.  You will also find management of these multuiple profiles to be much easier with future GoStats features.
-Do you want your stats private or public?  Double check the status and make sure that it is set to your liking/comfort.

Don’t assume the above are the only possible problems you can have.  Think further about other issues which are related to the uniqueness of your own site.

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