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Absolute Unique Visitors – Versus Non-Absolute

April 22nd, 2008

Reports of unique visitors are not all the same; the key determinant is over what period they are considered “Unique”.

For example, unique visitors per month is not calculated by adding the totals of unique visitors for each day.  This can cause double counting, here’s an example of why:

-day 1 Jane, Mike, Steve (3)
-day 2 Baxter, Lewis, Rachel, Mo (4)
-day 3 Jane, Baxter, Steve (3)
-day 4 – 30 no traffic
-day 31 – Miguel, Sara, Steve, Mo (4)
The sum total of all days is 14.  However, the true monthly “Absolute” unique  value is 9 since the following people should not be counted multiple times for the month: (Jane, Steve, Mo, Baxter)

Remember to check the “Return Visitors” section of your GoStats report for the true number of “Absolute Unique monthly Visitors”.  Keep in mind that normally people quote the sum total of each day as their monthly unique value – you may want to correct them.

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