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The power of embedded web traffic collection

November 29th, 2006

If you are still using web log analyzers (awstats, webalizer etc…) to collect and process the hits to your website, listen up!

Web counters (or site trackers) are able to do the following (which the log analyzers simply cannot):

  • track advanced stats about your visitors (such as monitor resolutions, window sizes, cookie tracking, javascript, java, etc…)
  • wont slow down your server since all logs and reports are stored on a remote server
  • widely used and well maintained: the interface is much easier to use and so is the service on the whole
  • third party web tracking is more trustworthy for potential advertisers.  (more likely to land the advertising contract based on third party data)
  • near realtime: old weblog processors cannot efficiently process the traffic data for your site like trackers can.
  • You can optinally display a count of hits on your page; often this is a great indicator to your visitors that you care about the amount of traffic you get.

In the end, even the most diehard web-log-analyzer users will at the very least use both a tracker and an analyzer.  Most will just use the webcounter itself.

By the way, have you created a GoStats account yet?

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